Thursday 10th October 08:00-11:30

Conference Room D

Chair: Mr. Saverio PALCHETTI, Chair of PIARC TF C.1, Italy

During these technical sessions, each of the Technical Committees and Task Forces will present their achievements over the current work cycle (2016-2019). Some papers from the international call will also be presented by their authors.


• Mr. Saverio PALCHETTI

Overview of activities performed by TF C.1 in the current cycle and results
• Mr. Saverio PALCHETTI, chairman of PIARC TF C.1, Italy

Malicious acts

Become aware of security issues, some landmarks and practical examples
• Mr. Philippe CHANARD, French-Speaking Secretary, PIARC TF C.1, France



Cyber resilience of Tunnel Control Centers
• Mr. Ingo KAUNDINYA, Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt), Germany


Cyber resilience in transportation: unique challenges
• Mr. Chris JOHNSON, SNC-Lavalin, Canada

Firmware security and the impact on smart road and autonomous vehicles
• Mr. Gianni CUOZZO, Aspisec, Italy

Interactive debate (questions and answers on Malicious and Cyber security)

Break 09:50- 10:20

New security threats

Road and maritime services, drone mitigation system
• Mr. Paul DUCKER, Roads & Maritime Services, NSW, Australia


Interactive debate on New security threats (questions and answers)

Roundtable on Tomorrow’s Security Issues

Subjects to be deepened and new topics


• Mr. Saverio PALCHETTI