National Reports

Each PIARC member country had been invited to prepare a national report for theCongress. The aim was to collect the most recent best practices, complementing the work carried out by the Technical Committees and Task Forces over the period 2016-2019.

To this end, the Strategic Theme Coordinators had each identified a specific theme and organised an international survey of member countries. They then prepared a synthesis of this information and organised the Strategic Direction Sessions.

The five themes are :

  • TS A - Financing
  • TS B - Innovative transport solutions to optimise access and mobility
  • TS C - Safety of the road system
  • TS D - A story not always well told: infrastructure protection
  • TS E - Progress on climate change adaptation and mitigation actions in the transport sector after the Paris Agreement of COP 21

All national reports sorted by country

Austria RN-atB-E RN-atC-E RN-atD-E
Canada-Quebec RN-qcB-E
China (People's Republic) RN-cnC-E
Czech Republic RN-czA-E RN-czB-E RN-czC-E RN-czD-E RN-czE-E
Germany RN-deC-E RN-deE-E
Italy RN-itB-E
Japan RN-jpA-E RN-jpB-E RN-jpC-E RN-jpD-E
Korea (Republic) RN-krC-E
Mali RN-mlB-E
Mexico RN-mxC-E RN-mxD-E RN-mxE-E
Norway RN-noC-E RN-noE-E
Romania RN-roA-E RN-roC-E RN-roD-E RN-roE-E
Senegal RN-snC-F
Slovak Republic RN-skB-E RN-skC-E
Slovenia RN-siB-E
South Africa RN-zaC-E
Switzerland RN-chA-E
Thailand RN-thD-E
United Kingdom RN-ukB-E RN-ukC-E RN-ukD-E RN-ukE-E
United States of America RN-usC-E RN-usD-E