PIARC Awards 2019

 The World Road Association's" PIARC 2019 Awards " are intended to:

  • encourage innovation,
  • recognise professional competence,
  • highlight topics of particular interest,
  • promote the interests of developing countries,
  • stimulate long-term reflection on the future of transport systems.
  1. The process
  2. Winners
  3. Accessits
  4. The International Jury

The process

  • Anne de Bortoli (France) - Young professionals

  • Robert Geddes, Presley Chilonda, Emmerentian Mbabaz and Tamba Amara (Zimbabwe, Zambia, Sierra Leone) - Developing countries

  • Alberto Mendoza Diaz, Maria Cadengo and Carlota Andrade (Mexico) - Safety of road users and staff

  • Adriana Martínez, Hani Baloochi, Diego Aponte, Marilda Barra, Rodrigo Miró, Juan José Cepriá, Roberto Orejana and Asier Oleaga (Spain) - Best innovation

  •  Martin Lafrance and Jérôme Guay (Canada-Québec) - Sustainable development

  • Marie Colin and Fabien Palhol (France) - Sustainable development

  • Iswandaru Widyatmoko, Giacomo D’Angelo, Yi Xu, Robin Hudson-Griffiths, Arash Khojinian, Malcolm Simms and David Giles (United Kingdom) - Road design and construction

  • Eloy Parra Melgar, Teresa López Lara and Juan Bosco Hernández (Mexico) - Road maintenance and operation

Marie-Claude Petit, Chair of the Communications Commission of PIARC, was the organiser of the Awards. Kirsten Graf-Landmann (Germany), Technical Advisor at the PIARC General Secretariat, ensure a smooth running of the process.

Technical Committees selected the best papers received in each category of the call for papers. National Committees also had the opportunity to solicit papers.

The members of our jury first established criteria for reviewing and evaluating the documents, then proceeded to review and debate them in order to reach a consensus on our winners.

  • Excellence: reflecting the remarkable work of one or more experienced professionals or the search for new ideas by one or more young professionals.
  • Innovation: drawing attention to notable discoveries and encouraging specific solutions or ideas.
  • Applicability: encouraging the dissemination of research and best practices worldwide.
  • Practicality: ideas that currently have, or are likely to have in the future, practical application while encouraging innovation and new ideas.

As a result of these deliberations, awards were presented in seven of our eight categories.


The Awards were given among the best papers submitted in response to the call for papersfor the Congress, in the following categories:

Young professionals (co-authors are each under 35 years of age)

Developing countries (co-authors are from low income and low-middle income countries according to the World Bank's 2019 classification)

Safety of road users and staff

Best innovation

Sustainable development

Sustainable development

Road design and construction

Road maintenance and operation

 The Road and Intermodality Prize was not awarded.


In some categories, there were many quality papers and the jury decided to award prizes to honour the authors' contributions.
These are:

  • Young professionals (accessit)
    Jens Dierke and Rainer Lehmann, Germany
    Intelligent controlled compact parking - Pilot implementation of a new parking management system for trucks
  • Best innovation (accessit)
    Chris Waite and Hugh Gillies,United Kingdom
    Emergency communications at the Forth Bridges
  • Best innovation (accessit)
    Anne Kjerkreit and James Odeck, Norway
    Wider economic benefits of transport systems - How Norway is working with it
  • Road maintenance and operation(accessit)
    Keigo Hatakeyama, Kentaro Koshi and Tomoki Okamura, Japan
    Development of an environment friendly cold mix asphalt

The International Jury

The international jury was chaired by the President of the Communications Commission, Ms Marie-Claude Petit. The members of the jury were representatives of the countries that sponsored the various prizes, as well as members of the General Secretariat.

The International Jury is composed of the following members:

  • Andreas Heller, Switzerland
  • Annick De Swaef, Belgium
  • Ir Haji Zulakmal Bin Haji Sufian, Malaysia
  • Peter Ellis, Australia
  • Peter Schmitz, Germany
  • Václav Neuvirt, Czech Republic
  • Derrell Turner, United States
  • Lila Tachtsi,United Kingdom
  • Ernesto Barrera, Chile
  • Roberto Aguerrebere, Mexico
  • Jean-François Corté, France
  • Patrick Malléjacq, Secretary General of PIARC
  • Miguel Caso Flórez, Technical Director, General Secretariat of PIARC
  • Marie-Claude Petit, Canada, President of the International Jury
  • Secretariat of the International Jury: Kirsten Graf-Landmann (Germany, PIARC GS)

The awards were presented at the opening ceremony on Sunday, 6 October, and the papers were presented during the Congress sessions.  

Our sponsors

 PIARC thanks the sponsoring countries for their support:

  • Switzerland
  • Malaysia
  • Australia
  • Belgium
  • Germany
  • Czech Republic
  • United States
  • United Kingdom

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